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Networks and Systems Lab

Welcome to Imperial NetSys cyber home. We work on a broad range of research topics including User-Centred Systems, IoT, Applied Machine Learning, Privacy, and Human-Data Interaction.

We'd love to hear from strong students interested in doing their masters project or PhD research in NetSys, or postdoctoral fellows interested in being hosted at Imperial College London. We are always keen to support exceptional candidates for the Imperial College Research Fellowships, the Imperial President’s PhD Scholarships, China Scholarship Council, the Islamic Development Bank – Imperial College Scholarship, UKRI AI for Healthcare CDT, the London Interdisciplinary Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership (LISS DTP), and various other UK and International Scholarships and Centres for Doctoral Training in Imperial College London.

We also supoort exceptional candidates for sabbaticals, Royal Society Fellowships, and UKRI EPSRC Postdoctoral and Open Fellowships. Please get in touch to discuss these, sending any relevant material, information, and a potential proposal idea.

Recent News

June 2024: We are looking to hire a Research Associate (post-doctoral) to work on the UKRI Open Plus Fellowship awarded to Professor Hamed Haddadi at the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. The objective is to provide better security and privacy for edge devices (IoT & Browser), all the way from the on-device ML models and TEE and COMET, to analytics done at the ISP end. Job listing information here. Closing date 7 August 2024.

Jan 2024: Josh Millar joins us as a new PhD student working on energy-aware ML, funded by the the Energy Futures Lab. Welcome to NetSys Josh!

Dec 2023: We are looking to hire a Research Assistant (pre-doctoral) to work on the newly funded EU CHIST_ERA project GRAPHS4SEC (Graph Neural Networks for Robust AI/ML-driven Network Security Applications) at the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. The goal of GRAPHS4SEC is to leverage graph data representations and modern GNN technology to conceive a new breed of robust GNN-based network security methods. Job listing information here. Closing date 15 January 2024.

June 2023: Professor Jon Crowcroft FRS join NetSys, DoC, and I-X as Visiting Professor. Welcome Jon!

April 2023: Mohamad Maheri and Sina Abdollahi join NetSys and I-X as new PhD students. Welcome both!

March 2023: Our Paper “Protected or Porous: A Comparative Analysis of Threat Detection Capability of IoT Safeguards” has been accepted to the 44th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland'23).

February 2023: Dr Sandra Siby joins NetSys and I-X as a PostDoctoral Research Associate. Welcome Sandra!

January 2023: Our Paper “Pool-Party: Exploiting Browser Resource Pools as Side-Channels for Web Tracking” has been accepted to the 32nd USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security ‘23).

January 2023: The webpage is up!